Jordan Son of Mars Low - Green Glow

With the Air Jordan 4 and the highly-praised Jordan Super.Fly 2 receiving the Green Glow treatment, Jordan fans will surely remember this colorway as one of the better Retro colorways in the post-retirement era.
This time the Jordan Son Of Mars join this group, utilizing of the contrasting mix of grey tones and the Green Glow tone on the outsole and inner lining, making for one of the best Son Of Mars Lows yet.

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Next level style

You can always count on Converse to keep with the times and this Leopard print edition is just that.  Featuring the classic Converse shape and details, but a dynamic print and sole line to match sets this sneaker apart from the usual. Get it while it's hot!


The Nike Dunk Sky Hi Print Women's Shoe takes a legendary design to new heights, with a concealed wedge heel and eye-popping graphics. Premium materials define the upper while supportive overlays and court-inspired traction deliver a secure, stable ride.


Be true-to your school colors, to your school of thought. That's been the ethos driving the Nike Dunk since it launched in 1985. Back then, seven college basketball teams broke an unwritten rule and matched their Dunks to their uniforms. A riot of color ensued, and the Nike Dunk has been a symbol of individual expression ever since. Players, skaters and collectors picked up on the shoe and continue to influence it today.


Why the name “Butan’: B-U-T-A-N is simply a re-arrangement of letters of the word B-A-N-T-U. The brand name pays homage to our roots and heritage while the re-arrangement of the letters signifies a changed, entirely new mind set and outlook on life in contemporary South Africa. It is this fusion between cultural heritage and the present day experience that creates the unique look and feel of the brand. Why 1981: Most of our garments make reference to the year 1981. Contrary to popular belief 1981 is not the year the brand was established but actually the year the founder of Butan was born. Brand Philosophy: Butan Wear is deeply entrenched in the urban lifestyle and vibrant underground culture of South Africa’s streets. Key to the brand’s identity is the inventive approach to fashion, which produces highly concept driven designs that epitomize our cosmopolitan roots. Butan is more than just a clothing label, it’s an integral part of street culture. It strives to spread relevant messages and open avenues for alternative perception of our world through innovative design. The brand represents the rich tapestry of the African continent, paying tribute to its influence on contemporary African youth. Every garment is the manifestation of the ideas and aspirations of our generation, our infinite potential and our heritage.


Skullcandy (NASDAQ:SKUL) became the world's most distinct audio brand by bringing colour, character and performance to an otherwise monochromatic space; revolutionizing the audio arena by introducing headphones, earbuds and other audio and wireless lifestyle products that possess unmistakable style and exceptional performance. From the award-winning, optic-inspired Roc Nation Aviator headphones to the evolutionary fitting FIX earbuds and a roster of the world's finest athletes, musicians and artists, Skullcandy continues to redefine world-class audio performance and style.

Converse John Varvatos

Converse John Varvatos Chuck Taylor Studded Shoes were born out of love for rock ‘n roll, of grunge, garage, studs, leather and late nights. The John Varvatos Chuck Taylors embody the essence of the rock star.